So you thought you got in to healthcare to take care of peoples health...

So you thought you got in to healthcare to take care of people's health...

A stressed female with her head in her hands, sitting at her desk with a large pile of paper work stacked in front of her.If you are like me, you got in to the health care industry to take care of people's health but sooner or later you realized the billing, the demands of meeting quotas, and sounding like a broken  record were not ideal health care.  Television and job descriptions make it look glamorized, like you are saving the world, and sometimes, yes we do have those moments that you are instrumental in saving someone's life! But the high pace, stress, long hours, billing and documentation are a hard regimen to keep up till you retire in your 60's, if you are lucky.  Not to mention how unhealthy this regimen is for your healthcare. Oh but wait, you do get 2 weeks of vacation a year! Plenty of time to get on a plane to Asia or Europe, spend a few days getting over jet lag, a couple days in the country, and turn around to get over jet lag again before you have to get back to work. Then you are rejuvenated for another year, right? After I graduated with my masters degree in social work, I got my dream job right off the batt. I was hired to work in an inner city high school with high risk teens. The position was grant funded and the need was high.  I loved this job and my duties consisted of little paperwork and lots of treatment time. Teachers, counselors, vice principals would radio me to come intervene with a suicidal or mental health episode and I would run to the crisis to provide intervention and services.  The demand was high, so I was being called several times a day, plus following up with all the previous students, but I loved what I did and I was young, fresh out of college, single, and could handle this high stress (or so I thought).  The paperwork was minimal and since there was no billing involved, I got to spend more time providing patient care which I loved. Over time, the stress of the high demands became too much, not only for my own mental health, but for the care of the teens, I couldn't manage all the needs. My grant funding ended, and because I was valuable to the school, they negotiated by position with a local medical clinic.  This is where the fun started.  All of a sudden, the funding became about billing! I got allotted 30 minute slots and no paperwork time (I had to do that when I had a no show or after work).  Plus all of a sudden, we had to spend our valuable time in meetings and trainings that weren't very valuable.  What happened to being able to provide quality patient care versus quantity? Have you ever felt like this in your health care profession?  Well that is how my "dream" job took a turn. Before I knew it, I was not hitting quantity quotas, my hours were getting scheduled for patients with the "right" insurance, I was being pulled more and more from taking care of the suicidal and crisis mental health needs, to regular scheduled patients.  Don't get me wrong, I still loved working with my patients, but the stress of working in this field is high, let alone adding back to back patients, and unrealistic expectations on billing & paperwork. After 7 years of this routine, I knew I couldn't keep this up till my retirement. I was only in my 30's and I knew I needed a change.  My friend had just introduced me to an natural health & wellness  company that partners with health care professionals in teaching natural wellness to clients through the use of essential oils and other plants and herbs etc. of the earth. I literally thought it sounded to good to be true, where I could work for myself and provide natural health care education and consultation? Plus have the ability to be paid double & triple the salary I was making?  If I hadn't loved the products and seen the difference in my own health from using them, I probably would not have take that leap of faith and started my own business, but I did. She mentored me in the business model and I learned everything I could about the products, natural health, and I began to build a business network of clients to teach about natural wellness. null(3)The best part about it was, I built this on the side of my full time job until I surpassed my income and it was the most freeing and amazing feeling the day I didn't have to clock in and out anymore to a job Monday-Friday! I now provide natural health education and consultations from where I want, when I want and how long I want depending on client needs! It is more about building relationships and caring for the individual than anything else, and that is true health care.  I now continue to mentor & coach other health care providers who are ready to be part of a natural wellness model and to have the freedom of their time and finances in their life. If it was possible for me, why not you? To learn more, you can request to set up a free 30 minute Wellness Path consultation with me by clicking below. It is at least worth looking into your options, I am so glad I did! Get Started

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