How running & business require the same mindset...

Post by Guest Blogger Jaclyn Garcia - San Diego, CA.

How Running & Business Require the Same Mindset

Untitled design"I've been thinking about this business through the mind of a runner and couldn't help but find many similarities. When training for my first half marathon, I could not imagine running more than 3 miles let, alone 13! When I would focus on my end goal, it was easy to be discouraged. One mile was tough enough! So instead I focused on each run. 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles and so on. The process took months of dedication, consistency, self motivation and overcoming doubt. I was not born to be a runner, I had never even run a straight mile before training! My body isn't built for this. Other people have longer legs. And so on. But by focusing on each goal and believing in the process, I ran the La Jolla Half Marathon without walking once! Yes, I even ran up the Torrey Pines hill! I focused on the road directly in front of me rather than the steep hill as a whole. I had always been told that our mental is far more powerful than our physical, and it proved true. As I crossed the finish line, I felt the strength to continue running! And I did. I ran 4 more half marathons within the year. And each medal reminds me that anything is possible if we stay committed. So my point is anyone can reach, what they believe to be, an impossible goal if they believe and stay focused on each milestone. It is easy to get discouraged and tell ourselves that our story is different. We can't succeed. But the fact is we can all get there! lf we follow the process. Because like running, there are no shortcuts in this business. But there is a finish line. And whether you run, walk, or crawl, you will cross it".

by Jacyln Garcia - San Diego, CA.

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