3 Simple Steps to Greater Memory

3 Simple Steps to Support Memory

Protecting and supporting our memory is one of the most valuable assets we have. While there are substances that damage memory, there are also substances that support and protect the memory. I always wanted a photographic memory when I was young because studying for exams would've been so much easier. Well although there is not a magic pill we can take to suddenly make us have a computer programming memory, there are holistic ways we can support memory function.   I daily take a good source of essential omegas and an ingest-able source of the essential oil frankincense. I take omegas with each meal and take a drop of high quality therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil  morning and night orally. First to find a good source of omegas, you want to be sure it is not high in mercury, and that it is absorb-able into the body cells. A good way to tell if it is absorbable, is to open up the fish oil capsule, drop the contents into a glass of water, does it clump into a big oil ball or is it able to assimilate throughout the water? You want it to be able assimilate to be absorbable.   Read your bottle labels and research where it comes from.  Fish oil has for a long time been recognized as a healthy aide for the brain in mental health, cognitive support, as well as memory.  Specifically studies are finding it to be neuroprotective against oxidative damage in the brain therefore protecting brain cells and supporting memory. Frankincense is another natural way to support memory on a daily basis in your routine.  This image to your left is of the gum resin that forms from the boswellia trees and where the essential oil of frankincense is found inside these tear drops of resin.  It is what is referred to as liquid gold.  Studies have also shown that when boswellia serrata, a compound of Frankincense essential oil, is ingested, it stimulates more growth of dendritic branches in the hippocampus.  The hippocampus is where the majority of your long term memory is stored, and dendrites are neuron branches that transfer chemical communication in the brain. So to sum all that up, frankincense essential oil when ingested can help support and protect the brain in preserving memory. Lastly, is the importance of eating a healthy diet of foods high in natural vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other compounds we need to function normally. We have been given so much on this Earth that our bodies can benefit from and finding ways to incorporate foods in their most natural state has such a high benefit for you. I be sure to shop at organic stores and look also for non-gmo labels.  Getting foods as natural as they should be, meaning even local produce (not picked before it was ripe and shipped for the past month on a ship).  Keep it simple, that is the most important thing and if you can incorporate the healthiest eating habits as possible at least 80-90% of the time, your body can handle the once in a while birthday cake or other foods that we know are not healthy and natural.  If you want to know more about my sources of omegas and frankincense, just contact me through my website here.

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