Fruit Season

Fruit of the Season

Raspberries are one of my favorite fruit. I love when they come in season and can eat a whole carton in one sitting! They are high in anti-oxidants and have one of the highest ORAC scores among the berries. Raspberries are also nutrient rich and have anti-cancer properties. I love to just eat them plain like this, it is my preferred, but they are delicious added to keifer or other healthy forms of yogurt as well! Y51aFguqRcGTgsYRYBXV_20140104_085932 Strawberries are something we get locally here in Southern California and can buy them cheap in a huge carton. I always choose organic of course to avoid ingesting toxic pesticides into my body. Strawberries are also high in nutrients and are good for the brain! My favorite way to eat strawberries is to slice them up in a small bowl, then sprinkle just a little date sugar over the top with a drop of lemon essential oil! YFdIoUsRJCAehcoUnQaS_Straw Click here to learn more about my wellness model of nutrition, fitness, emotional and financial wellness

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