Lavender for the Heart

Lavender for the Heart

Today I had for the first time in over a year, where my heart started racing and felt like it was going to pump out of my chest! I was rushing around stressed and it caused this panic like feeling, so I am so glad I had this bottle of lavender! I put one drop on my chest and in less than a minute my heartbeat normalized! Love the uses of these things! The last time I had this same type of panic response two days in a row, and the first day I was in such a scare and shock I didn't use my essential oils, I just sat down on my couch, trying to calm myself, my breathing, and my heart. It took a good 30 minutes until my heart beat normalized. The very next day that same thing happened again but I at least remembered this time to grab my lavender essential oil and it was incredible to have the experience back to back and see that less than 30 seconds and my heart beat normalized! I love lavender essential oil for stress, worry and other emotions of a heightened state, it helps soothe and calm you down! lavender no label

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