Produce Label Guide

Produce Label to get the healthiest fruits & vegetables

Emotional Wellness is tied to the health of our gut and eating healthy and with the least amount of toxins is so important as everything we eat affects every cell in our body! Do you check your labels? The numbers on the sku will tell you how it was grown so you can make the healthiest choice of what to put in your body. Here is a guide to help you easily identify what to buy in the grocery store and how to create the least toxic free gut and mind ;)
  • Conventionally Grown means it is grown with pesticides, hormones, anti-biotics, fertilizers, gmo's, and they have a 4 digit code with numbers on the sku that start with a 4
  • Genetically Modified or GMO: means it has been scientifically/ genetically altered where labs have found unhealthy growth in cellular activity. These codes are five digits that start with the number 8.
  • Organically Grown - is basically the exact opposite of conventionally & GMO grown. It is grown naturally with no toxic chemicals and not scientifically altered. How fresh produce was meant to be for our bodies use. Labels that have a five digit code and start with the number 9 are organically grown. Go for the 9's!
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