All The Single Ladies

All the Single Ladies

DSC02032 The other day, again, I was asked the infamous question "Why are you still single, what's the problem? Are you just too picky?" my insides cringe as I try to respond politely and jokingly to just brush off for the umpteenth time this question. Inside I fight tears, but want to ask in return "So when you got married at 20 years old, you didn't have any problems and you settled?" Where I know for grandparent age men, it is hard to fathom this generations epidemic of single life, it is hard as a single person, who does desire very much to be married and have children, to battle the thoughts that bring you down when this subject is brought up. I chose a career path in mental health and where I loved working with high-risk troubled teens, the salary was very limiting. But as a younger women, I didn't put much thought into that because I assumed "oh I'll be married and we will have two incomes so it won't be solely up to me". As the years continued to pass, and I have not had the opportunity yet to marry the right man for me, I couldn't live with this limited income anymore and decided to be pro-active in using my talents, education, and passion into building a successful business.

The truth is you are enough

The important thing to remember that no matter your age, your marital status or living situation, feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and that you are "not enough" are there to attack you in your weakest moments. These negative, self-defeating thoughts are not just assigned to those who are single. I work with many amazing women, and sometimes I get approached by others in the beginning of their business journey asking me "How did you do it by yourself?" or "We should start a single women's club". I know where they are at, I have been there, starting a business by yourself, feeling unsure of the future, of your abilities and if this will all be worth it. I remember thinking that "if I had a husband, they could help me with marketing, or budgeting or xyz". But the secret here is, these types of thoughts are not biased, they attack everyone and the only truth is that YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE CAPABLE of accomplishing anything you put your mind to, no matter your marital status. The key is that when those defeating thoughts come, recognize them as false beliefs or false thoughts, then push them out of your mind, do not entertain them because the temptation to entertain them takes any of us down a deep dark spiral of lies.

Divine purpose

Each individual person has divine worth and divine talents that when used for good things like spreading health and wellness, teaching others about essential oils, and making a living in this world, it is a recipe for success and you will succeed. What hinders us is buying into defeating thoughts, no matter what they are. Each of us is on our own individual path and journey, honor your journey, love your path, and most of all love and respect yourself in kind, understanding and compassionate ways, you are worth it, you are accepted, and you are important, and that is the truth.

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